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Allie Jorgen

Author, Speaker, Music Video Corespondent, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter for the band Le Reverie -, and Co-Founder of  the High Profile Music Magazine in Los Angeles - LA Metal Media Magazine - and

Los Angeles Media Productions -


Allie has spent time with and interviewed many celebrities to find out what creates success. Many of these celebrities are part of the Strength Thru Music Project

Music and Media


Allie's story has been featured in many magazines. Her successful background of Music and Media has created a wealth of information and behind the scenes knowledge of what creates true success. Allie is also passionate about giving back and has been involved with Music Benefits for the American Cancer
Society, one of which was featured in Pulse Magazine.  She is also involved with the children of St. Jude Hospital. Allie takes you behind the scenes of various Music Concerts, Television Shows and Movie and Film Industry events to share the stories of industry professionals.


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Generate Excitement Through The Media

Generate Excitement Through The Media

 There are so many forms of Media, in addition to the Internet.  You can share your message via Live Television, Radio, and through Magazine Articles. There are so many incredible avenues available to reach people through Blogs, Videos and Audio Podcasts and that is just part of what makes this Journey so exciting. 


Celebrity and Expert Interviews

Video is an excellent way to get your message out and reaching out to an Expert or Celebrity can help to get your message heard.

Exclusive Interview with Tuomas Holopainen below. More Exclusive Interviews on the Interview Page.

Actual Success Stories

As an Author and Music Journalist with Expert Advice and Proven Trial By Error Methods that Allie has applied in her own life, she shares the behind the scenes stories with you.

Interview With Tuomas Holopainen


Allie Jorgen

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