Interview With Tuomas Holopainen


If you have the privilege to reach out to a celebrity who is a leader in their field, many times they have a message that they would like to share with the world. As the interviewer your job is to make them feel comfortable enough to talk openly about the message they have to share. It was a honor to speak with Tuomas Holopainen about the epic release of his concept album Endless Forms Most Beautiful it is truly a groundbreaking release.

Interview With Rob Halford


As a Journalist or Video Correspondent, you may be asked to cover a High Profile Event. In my case it was the Loudwire Music Awards Show In Los Angeles. One of my own personal music Idols is the incredible singer songwriter for the heavy rock band Judas Priest, Rob Halford. With his operatic voice and incredible stage presence, he is known as one of the best Rock Vocalists of all time. On this night, at the Loudwire Music Awards Show, he was receiving a special Honorary Award.

Interview With Mark Jansen

 Sometimes on your Journey, you will meet someone with such a different perspective on reality that it turns your whole vision of reality upside down. One such visionary is the International Rock Persona of Mark Jansen. The interesting thing about Mark is the fact that he has a Masters Degree in Psychology, in addition to being the Guitar Player and Songwriter for the European Band Sensation EPICA.  His sentiment is “You create your own reality.”